Advanced Roadway Plan Reading

The primary objective of this course is to provide the Students/Contractors with an extensive understanding of the concepts and practices of Roadway Plan Reading.
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The fundamental principles of Roadway Plan Reading 101 are presented throughout the course according to current Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Standards & Specifications and Plan Preparation Manual (PPM), Miami Dade County Standards Specification, Florida Statutes, Florida Building Code, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, FDOT Design Standards.

  • Demonstrate an understanding and a comprehensive overview of the following concepts:
  • Scales and Plan measurements
  • General Notes
  • Quantities Tabulations
  • Views, Stationing, and Symbols
  • Typical sections
  • Roadway Alignment
  • Plans and Profile views
  • Typical details
  • Drainage
  • Cross Sections
  • Earthwork
  • Signing and Pavement Markings
  • FDOT/County/City Standards
  • Standard Details