Quality Control Manager: This is the individual responsible for quality for Contractor who is identified in the Quality Control Plan to perform analysis and control of the quality of the product, can determine the coordination of production operations, quality pay factors and understands the intent of statistically-based quality control specifications (consistency, variability, data interpretation, and random sampling). Department employees targeted for this qualification are Project Administrators and Materials Section Heads. All persons acting as Quality Control Manager on behalf of the Contractor that works on a project let after July 1, 2002, with the QC Manager Specification 105-8 must be CTQP QC Manager qualified. All persons designated as the Department's Project Administrator representative that work on a project let after July 1, 2002, with the QC Manager specification 105-8 must have passed the CTQP QC Manager exam.

Quality Control Manager Qualification Requirements All trainees seeking Quality Control Manager qualification must: (A) Pass the QC Manager Examination. (B) Have at least one of the following Level 2 CTQP Training Qualifications: Asphalt Paving Level 2, Asphalt Plant Level 2, E.C.I. Level 2, Concrete Field Level 2 (full ACI-CTCI Certification), Concrete Laboratory Technician Level 2, Aggregate Laboratory Testing Technician, and LBR Technician.