About us

Encobridge, Inc. was established in August 24, 2012 as a Professional Engineering and Training consulting company.

We provide a wide range of services including: Engineering/Infrastructure Construction Consulting Services, Civil Engineering Design Services and Engineering Construction Management.  The related services involve design, preparation of construction documents and administration of construction contracts for all types of Civil Engineering projects which includes; Water Distribution and Sanitary Sewage systems, Highways and Roadways, Storm Drainage, Claim Analysis and inspecting typical infrastructure projects (CEI Services).   

Encobridge offers an array of customized training that are bridging the skills gap with comprehensive training and a solid knowledge about the best practices of the construction of infrastructure projects. Encobridge’s Training services are divided in three categories: Continuing Education (State of Florida & Miami Dade County), Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT-CTQP & MOT), and Engineering Construction Training.