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The FDOT MOT Certification (Training) consists of a group of courses that Encobridge offers you to obtain the FDOT MOT Certification. MOT stands for “Maintenance of Traffic," which is synonymous with “Temporary Traffic Control,"  which in turn is identified by the acronym TTC. That is why it is common to see both acronyms combined like this: MOT/TTC Certification. This means that the FDOT MOT Certification (Training) courses are suggested for those who belong to the FDOT (or participate in projects with the Department), and who are responsible for planning, designing, implementing, or inspecting transportation in the area of work, or to temporarily control traffic on streets and highways within the State Highway System.

FDOT MOT Certification (Training) that Encobridge offers

Currently, Encobridge offers you the following courses to obtain an FDOT TTC/MOT Certification, which are all that the FDOT has available. Later in this article, we will give you some more details about each of these certifications and who should take them and who is authorized by the FDOT to give the training. These are the FDOT MOT Certification courses that Encobridge offers:


Advanced MOT/TTC (Course & Exam)



AdvancedMOT/TTC (Refresher)



Intermediate MOT/TTC (Refresher)


If you want to know more details about each of the courses or register to take one of them, use the links to go to the pages of each course. The difference between the variants of “Course & Exam” and “Refresher” is that “Course & Exam” is the normal course, while “Refresher” is a variant of the same course, which must be taken every 4 years by all staff to be able to maintain their FDOT MOT Certification. For any more details you need about this topic or any other of our courses, write to us or call us by phone using the information on our contact page . We receive inquiries from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Encobridge, Inc. is an authorized provider of FDOT TTC/MOT Certification Training. Choose Encobridge for your MOT training, as we have been approved by Miami Dade County in numerous technical categories and are FDOT Authorized Providers. We have 10 years' experience in the sector. Countless professionals and technicians have been trained with Encobridge courses for FDOT MOT Certification and have become qualified. One of the main objectives of Encobridge is to offer a wide variety of solutions to close the so-called “skills gap." That is to say: We function as a training provider that allows employees to reach better positions, for which they need to be qualified and certified.

What is a MOT certification?

The FDOT MOT Certification (Maintenance of Traffic) or TTC Certification is a qualification that the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) awards civilian personnel who, in certain circumstances, have the task of temporarily directing traffic or organizing and inspecting who is going to direct traffic at a certain time. The MOT Certification is required for Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) for any special situations, such as temporary barriers placed after car crashes, large potholes, holes, broken roads, detours for repairs or traffic congestion, street or lane closures, marches, parades, weather events, catastrophes, or any other circumstance that temporarily changes regular traffic dynamics.

Who is the FDOT MOT certification for?

One of the first things that the Temporary Traffic Control (Maintenance of Traffic) Training Handbook, or TTC/MOT Training Handbook, warns about (whose consultation or download link we will give you in the FAQ), is the following: “The applicable Department and non-Department personnel must be trained in accordance with the following process for temporary traffic control (TTC) training." This means that the FDOT MOT Certification applies equally to both Department personnel and outside parties involved in FDOT projects. However, to avoid confusion, it should be clarified that everything we are commenting on about the MOT does not apply to law enforcement officers or traffic police.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the training and qualification process for the FDOT MOT Certification is indicated for all personnel responsible for the planning, development, design, implementation, operation, compliance, and inspection of transportation in the work zone and temporary control of traffic on streets and highways within the State Highway System. Personnel holding such occupations (whether departmental or non-departmental), must receive training in one of these three TTC/MOT categories:

Required for personnel with the authority and responsibility for making decisions on the specific TTC requirements to be implemented. These include positions the following:

  1. The Professional Engineer responsible for the development of the Transportation Management Plan (TMP) and design of the TTC Plan.
  2. The Worksite Traffic Supervisor in accordance with FDOT Standard Specifications, Section 102.
  3. Personnel responsible for supervising the installation, removal and field maintenance of TTC devices, including temporary barriers, end treatments and crash cushions.
  4. Personnel responsible for inspection of the placement or operational function of temporary traffic control devices, including temporary barriers, end treatments and crash cushions.

Required for personnel with duties that include any of the following activities:

  1. Personnel responsible for supervising the installation, removal and field maintenance of TTC devices, excluding temporary barriers, end treatments and crash cushions.
  2. Inspection of the placement or operational function of temporary traffic control devices, excluding temporary barriers, end treatments and crash cushions.

Required for all personnel flagging traffic.

Details about the FDOT MOT Certification Training

Any higher level training course category can substitute for a lower level training course category. For example, the training requirements for flagger training are met by completing the intermediate or advanced level, and the intermediate training requirements are met by completing the advanced training course.

Upon successful completion of an FDOT MOT Certification Training, each individual receives a wallet-sized card , which displays their credential name, provider name and ID number, instructor name, course category, date successfully completed the FDOT MOT Certification exam and expiration date. For all persons qualified by authorized providers, the MOT Administrator will issue certificates and list the individual in the Department's Training Qualification Database System (TQDBS ; a searchable online database of personnel holding valid certificates from temporary traffic control training).

Courses for the Advanced category FDOT MOT Certification are 20 hours in total, Advanced category courses Intermediate add up to 16 hours in total.

Who is authorized to provide the FDOT MOT Certification Training?

Only providers listed on the MOT Administration website are authorized to provide FDOT MOT Certification Training for the first two categories above, i.e., Advanced, Advanced Refresher, Intermediate, and Intermediate Refresher. On the other hand, the Flagger Training category can be given both by providers that appear in the list on the MOT Administration website, as well as by people who have FDOT MOT Certification in the advanced or intermediate categories.

Also, only personnel who obtain FDOT MOT certification from FDOT-approved providers will be added to the TQDBS list. In the FAQ in this article, you will find a couple of links that will allow you to verify if an FDOT MOT Certification Training provider is authorized by the FDOT.

04 Instructor impartiendo un curso de Encobridge_FDOT MOT Certification (Training)

What are the qualification requirements?

To successfully complete an FDOT MOT Certification, the student must pass the course written exam with a score of 70% or more of the questions answered correctly, in addition to successfully completing the class exercises. If the grade is insufficient to pass any exam in the course, it implies that the student must retake that same course before taking the test again.

It is important to note that, according to official FDOT documents, none of the TTC/MOT training categories require prior experience or any prerequisites. The FDOT MOT Applications document makes it clear that each application to acquire a MOT Certification requires the completion of certain forms. This same document details the forms that must be filled out for each qualification request, be it a new application, renewals, a new instructor, a new proctor, adding a level, or a change of information (contact details, address, phone number, levels).

FAQ about FDOT MOT certification (Training)

05 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Encobridge Courses

As we know, there are many more details to understand and more doubts to clarify about the TTC/MOT and MOT certifications. Here is this section of frequently asked questions on the subject.

Exams are scored electronically by the MOT Administrator. Once the applicant completes the exam and the vendor submits it for review, they must allow up to 2 weeks (excluding weekends and holidays) to qualify. Results will be posted on the website, and the MOT Administrator will notify the student. The student must have provided an email address when registering, and that inbox is where the notification and access data will be sent to see the grade.

If the grade implies that the student has passed and has obtained the MOT Certification, their name will be registered in the FDOT database as a person with MOT Certification. The student must carefully verify their personal information before it is published on the FDOT website, since, once published, it cannot be amended. The MOT certification is not sent by email. The student can find it in their profile on the FDOT website if they need to display or print it for an employer.

The answer is that you cannot receive this training in Spanish. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) does not allow TTC/MOTT Certification providers to teach courses in Spanish or in any language other than US English. The reason for this is that, today, the Design Standards MOT/600 Series, which are the basis of the entire MOT process, are all written in English, and for their study it is required that the applicant to the TTC/ MOTT Certification speak and read English fluently.

How do I verify a FDOT MOT certification? , you may have already asked yourself. Checking a MOT certification is useful both to find out if a certain instructor is trained and authorized by the FDOT, or to locate newly authorized instructors. By following one of the links that we are going to provide you after this paragraph, you can verify a MOT certification at any time through the online verifier of the website dedicated especially by the FDOT to TTC/MOT Admin or through the verifier of the official website of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). We prefer to provide you with both links, as FDOT has been making substantial changes to its website and URLs may change from time to time.

06 FDOT MOT Certification lookup on the TTC MOT Admin website_Encobridge FDOT MOT Certification (Training)

The TTC/MOT web checker currently only allows you to check a borrower's name. Instead, the verifier on the official FDOT website gives more options. Once you access the search page of the official FDOT website, you will be presented with a drop-down menu that allows you to select whether to search based on a name or a TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number). After choosing between these two variants, you will only have to enter in the form the name and surname of the owner of the MOT certification that you need to verify, or the first nine digits or letters of your driver's license.

To find out the answer to this question, contact us through our contact page .

A failing grade on any course exam requires the student to retake that same course prior to retesting. There is no longer a requirement to retake the full Advanced or Intermediate course upon failure of a refresher course exam. If a certificate expires prior to passing a refresher course, the full Advanced or Intermediate course must be taken. Students should proactively schedule refresher courses well in advance of their certificate’s expiration date.

The FDOT MOT Certification of any of the three categories has a valid duration of 4 years, and after that time has elapsed, it expires. The person who obtains an FDOT MOT Certification is responsible for renewing it before it expires in 4 years; that is, they must take the “Refresher” variant of their qualification course or the entire course. If an FDOT MOT Certification expires before the individual passes a refresher course, then the individual must take the full Advanced or Intermediate course. As a precaution, it is recommended that students schedule their refresher courses prior to the expiration date of their FDOT MOT certification.